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4 thoughts on “Ask SEO Questions Here! Get Expert Answers.”

  1. Hi, I watched your video about sandbox in youtube. You explain it in great detail.

    I have a site with a similar problem.
    The traffic on my site has dropped a lot since August 2020.

    When I use to search, there are only 5 results on Google which is abnormal because there are more than a thousand pages on the site;

    I re-submitted the sitemap on the google search console in September 2021, but it now shows “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap”;

    With some methods, I thinked that my site has entered the Google sandbox, and I don’t know how to get my site leave the sandbox because it has been a year and a half. In the past year and a half, I have insisted on launching articles and developing external links.

    Please help me solve this problem, thank you very much!

    • Google has had indexing issues since 2020 and I’ve experience it myself. One other thing to consider is that perhaps your site isn’t in the Google sandbox but has been penalized with an SEO hit (manual penalty). You can check for that in the security and manual section of your search console.

      Considering this circumstance, I would recommend starting a brand new site vs trying to fix this one.

  2. Hi, I came across one of your Youtube vids on the sandbox and it helped a lot.

    I started a travel website on the 27th of May and have been gradually adding 3000 word articles. The thing is, when I launch a new article, the article ranks for many keywords for the first day and then it totally disappears for everything. I understand about the sandbox, but is it normal to not rank for a single keyword other than my website name?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Benn hi, the answer is your website and articles are going through a Google dance, especially since it still is in the sandbox based on the screenshot you attached to your question. I explain the Google dance here but it’s totally normal for your new articles to pop up for keywords, then disappear. And the thing is, they don’t really disappear, they just bounce around Google’s search results and this will continue sporadically until your site exits the sandbox and then it will happen far less frequently.

      So don’t worry about this thing and keep growing your articles on your site. I would also recommend 2 additional things:

      1) Interlink your travel articles if possible, I didn’t see that on your site.
      2) Start a Pinterest account and share your travel posts there for extra traffic and possibly more engagement which will help with your SEO growth.


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