HelpingHandsSEO.com is a website a website dedicated to helping individuals and businesses set up a successful blog or website and drive masses of traffic to their pages through SEO.

Because that is what I have done for myself and for many others. My name is Vitaliy and since the early 2000’s I’ve been engaged in SEO marketing, through creating blogs and websites for:


1) Myself…

I run several websites and blogs where most of the traffic I get is through free SEO techniques and many of the techniques I use get me first page rankings and gigantic sums of visitors:

Here is an example:

seo case study

Here’s another example:

2) Businesses. Yes I help business get more traffic.

I’ve helped numerous businesses and clients accumulate traffic to their business pages and get more leads and clients (here is an example). I provide the following local SEO case study to show how I helped a business go from several dozen visitors a day to several 100 daily.

I’ve shown and taught people how to do SEO for themselves like I do.

I always advise people to learn SEO for themselves. It’s not a hard thing to understand, but it is a hard thing to do on your own when you don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, I provide FREE help and advice on SEO on this very website. You’re welcome to ask me ANY questions and use my 10+ years of experience in ranking websites 🙂 

I am happy to teach people how to do their own SEO, and I do it through this free to try program:

HelpingHandSEO.com’s mission:

Simply put, the goal of this website is to make SEO easier for people to understand and even more importantly, to help anyone seeking success in this field to actually reach it.

There’s enough crap out there that complicates SEO and this site seeks to simplify it for you, teach it to you and help you make it work for you.

Getting free traffic to your site can one of the most rewarding and best ways to build a business and brand and on this website we will help you just that.

I have been doing this for a VERY long time, through which I’ve learned many right and wrong ways to approach this business. This site basically encapsulates all the right lessons I’ve learned to succeed in SEO and I am very happy to share that knowledge with you all.

Have questions for Vitaliy? Ask them here.

2 thoughts on “About.”

  1. Hello someone on Wealthy Affiliate gave me your url. I have 2 websites up and running. I am so very close to obtaining my first sale. I think there are only a few tweaks I need to make going forward.

    I would be most grateful to you if you could go through and see if you can find a problem with them. I know content is key and I am still working on that.

    I have been fixing my landing pages and my email subscribe pages. Still having problems adding a PDF file to the completion pages. Aweber not to helpful. Very confusing.

    • Hello, here is my take on each site:

      1) The diabetic site you linked me looks good but it needs more interlinking. Read this optimization post I put up for this here if you want to tweak your pages the right way for SEO.

      2) Your second site needs work Brian. First, I’d change the theme because the black text with a dark green background makes it tough to read. Switch themes to something simpler.

      Your page titles are also very vague and need improvement. One of the tips in that optimization post I linked you talks about meta titles needing to be good. Make the changes to improve the site.

      Moving forward, your goal for each site should be to get at least 50 pages up and give it at least 6 months so it goes through the Google sandbox. I know you want to make the sales and if you keep growing the sites, especially like you are with the first one, it will happen, but focus on that SEO growth, not the sale.

      And as for Aweber, even though this is an SEO oriented site, I do have my own email lists and use that service for email marketing. I’ve always had no problems attaching PDF documents to my followup emails. There should be a clip icon on the bottom right of every message you create that’ll allow you to upload it. Aweber also has a support number you can call if this doesn’t show up.

      However, regardless of whether you get this to work, I would not focus on optimizing your email subscribe pages until your website grows and gets a lot of traffic. When it does, then you can set it up and test how it’s working.

      For anyone else reading, you will not see Brian’s sites in question because I took the links out of the message. If you have your own sites you’d like me to take a look at, mention them in your message and I’ll take a look, but not publish them.


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