What is Off Site SEO? 5 Ways to do it Right And Improve Rankings.

Off site SEO is simply strategies and tactics you engage in outside your page’s realm to help it’s rankings improve organically. What sort of things are we talking about?

Things such as backlinking across different social networks (don’t jump ahead here, it’s not that simple), pitching your URL to an email list, that’s stuff that happens outside your page, but in the process helps that same page’s SEO improve. 

Now in 2019 and onward, this process has gotten a bit more complicated and tougher to do. But at the same time, it’s still well worth investing your energy in as the rewards are greater than they were before.


I’m going to give you 5 examples of how to do off site SEO correctly:

what is off site seo

1) You create a social page to market your page through.

This is a great thing to have in order to utilize off site SEO. The key to making this strategy work is to focus and grow the social page you have.

Whether it’s a Facebook fan page, a Google+ page, a Pinterest page, Twitter or other social network, you should consider these places just as important for your page’s growth as the page itself you are growing from the inside.

Now there’s a particular way to use this strategy correctly and very often, it will require a lot of time at first to do, but it can absolutely become a major weapon in growing your rankings fast.

The key is to start the social network page, post your content on it freely, learn to attract the right audiences best suited for it and have them become fans of it. 

Overtime, the page will grow and every new piece of content you create inside your page should be shared on the social network page. That will be the off site part of this strategy.

Here is an example:

Suppose I run a page that teaches people fly fishing. 

I decide to create a fan page for this on Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest (I’d ignore Twitter for this example).

After doing so, I’d probably focus on writing content within the page itself, and content that is only focused on fly fishing topics.

Even before off site SEO can begin, by doing just this, I would overtime be getting rankings and traffic from that alone. 

Now the key in this is that when the traffic starts to come in, to pitch your social network pages to them and have them become fans of this.

Once they do, and this process continues to grow, you can then share your NEW content with this group, get their likes, they comments, their shares and quickly grow your rankings.

Off site SEO in this case takes time to develop but imagine the end result of having even 1 major social network with fans looking forward to your content. If you can reach this point, then each time you share that new content you create, it’ll cause a rapid chain reaction of attention from readers and this will get Google to notice the value of your blog.

And for my HelpingHandSEO.com website, I have at least 1 page set up on Facebook here.

2) Create YouTube videos. This is one of the fastest ways to do off site SEO.

If you aren’t creating video content through YouTube, you are seriously missing out on an amazing opportunity, and not just for rankings, but just traffic in general.

In this particular case, your goal, like the social networks is to create and grow a channel. The ideal scenario here is to make the channel focus on a specific topic that is popular and visual.

I suppose fly fishing in this case also applies just as it did in the above example.

Your goal would be to obviously create fly fishing content on YouTube, then share your page’s link in the description OR you can even interlink your YouTube videos together, get more traffic that way from YouTube, and grow your subscriber base from there.

Now in this case, every video you have that gets good views could easily be linked to your page and that would be another example of off site SEO. 

In fact, I have a personal scenario where this worked very well for a local client whose business I helped grow in Google’s organic rankings. Here is the experience.

The beauty of YouTube is that it takes a lot less work to grow an audience, a subscriber base and get traffic and once you create a few videos, getting traffic to them (considering the titles are related to popular topics), is quite simple, then linking those videos to your page would really help it’s SEO improve.

3) Grow an email list, and link them your content.

Just like with social networks, growing an email list is like growing a fan base and then sharing your page’s content with that fan base is an amazing way to get comments, likes and shares from these people. 

I would even say it takes LESS time to grow an email list than it does to grow a fan base on a social network. The reason being is that you can easily just focus on creating content on your website, then creating a sign up form on your page or in something like an exit pop up to collect the list.

Then all you really need to do is send the people who subscribe great, free content. 

Again, I have to go back to the fly fishing example. It’s just a universally good one to use in this topic. There’s millions of people who are into fly fishing and considering you put out great content on your pages for it, the people who come to it will appreciate that and it’ll give them a good reason to sign up to get more.

As they sign up, simply set up your autoresponder (a program that collects and sends out emails to subscribers automatically) and then just send them an email once every 2-3 days with a new article you wrote.

Provide a link in each email to a new article you create and guess what?

That’ll be another example of off site SEO in action. As long as people open, read and enjoy your content, you’re going to get a lot of traffic from the email list and the positive affect this has on your page will also be noticed by Google, more than enough for it to give you better, faster rankings. 

4) Own a physical business? Great, do these off site strategies:

5) Mix it all together.

Make content creation one of your website’s top priorities. Do not forget this.

That will be the main way to grow your page’s organic rankings. If you can create popular, potentially viral content, then the other off site things you do for SEO will kind of fall into place. Without good content, none of this stuff is worth going, which is why you need to focus on this.

But considering you are doing this already (great, keep going!), include links to your social network pages that are easily seen, are easily clickable by readers. Some of them are registered on different social networks so having the option to access the social network they are registered with quickly is a good way to get a subscriber there.

Include something along the lines of an exit pop up for other visitors with the intent to build an email list out of this, but also include a side bar sign up form with a call to action to get people to subscribe to get more news on the great content you produce.

Give people a free, valued gift as a way to get them to sign up, it works.

But in doing so, you will also be growing an email list and fan base through that, in addition to growing fan bases through social networks.

And lastly, if you are good at creating video content, DO IT. Share that video content with your email list, your social network fan base, and link the content to your pages.

All of these things are examples of POWERFUL off site SEO going on and it’ll all immensely impact your rankings. These circumstances take time to reach, but I have personally seen how small websites can turn into icons and immense success stories and they do it by following this last tip to the fullest…

They produce content that is craved by their readers and they make sure to let readers know they can be followed on social networks and through email. Then they just keep circulating new content to those people through those areas, and as a result they are boosting their page’s rankings in Google and getting even more fans that way.

A final thing you may have missed…

Earlier I was talking about backlinking, yet I never made direct mention of this in the 5 tips I provided. Why?

Well because these very tips are examples of POWERFUL backlinking methods, even though I didn’t label them as such. Backlinking is actually a blanket term to describe off site SEO tactics, but without the proper description of how you’re doing it, there’s no good way to do it.

And to be honest, most people do not know how to backlink correctly (here’s why). Luckily, with these 5 tips, you are now in possession of great ways to create powerful backlinks to your page.

4 thoughts on “What is Off Site SEO? 5 Ways to do it Right And Improve Rankings.”

  1. I’ve been searching for a while for this. Thanks a lot! 😀 

    I always thought that it would be difficult to start Youtube videos, but you know what? It actually sounds like a good idea.

    Now, between a Pinterest and an Instagram account, what would be better to create? I’ll have to post my articles on these and, as they are more visual, I’m thinking that it would be better to choose only one. Or not?

    I’ve heard that Google+ will shut down. Is it worth to start now? I’m still a beginner at online marketing.

    • Hi Kate, yes, Google plus is no longer around (details). Regarding Pinterest or Instagram, I’d explore both options and see which produces more results for you. In my personal opinion, a Pinterest account would provide better SEO results because it’s connected with Google. 

  2. Thanks for the post, Vitaliy. I have never done a YouTube video and I must admit, I am feeling rather shy about it. Do you have any advice for someone who doesn’t know how to make a video? Should I just use my phone? Is it better to show myself in the video or not to? I think you could write a whole blog just about that! Can’t wait to hear more tips!

    • Hi Kat, it is normal to feel shy about showing yourself on YouTube, and it’s something I also went through. I will consider doing a blog post on this subject but at the moment, what I do is, I record my voice and show my screen when I do YouTube videos. That way, I can manage the shyness element and at the same time show that I’m real, you may want to start this way too.

      As for how to record videos, certainly a phone is an option, but at the moment, with the strategy I employ, it’s simply to use free programs like ShareX which record my voice and the screen, and so far it works perfectly fine for my needs.


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