How to Get Quality Backlinks And Insane SEO Results From it.

There are 2 awesome ways you can get truly, high quality backlinks to your website and incredible SEO results from it. I will show you how to set this up.

Now with every topic of SEO and backlinking that I write about, I almost always have to put into context what qualifies as a high quality backlink.

In essence, it’s really a natural link that brings in tons of relevant traffic to your site or a particular page on the site and that traffic engages POSITIVELY with your content by doing these sorts of things:

how to get high quality backlinks

Now for even deeper reasons why this is important, here is one of my most important articles on this subject and I can tell you that it’s helped a ton of people understand the subject of backlinks in a way that helps them get the right, high quality ones.

With this mindset in place, let’s get to the main point of this article, which is the 2 methods:


Here is a basic summary of them:

1) Create an authority site and this will inevitably lead you to get requests and connections from other authority site owners. They will offer you options to share their content with you and your content with them and this will produce high quality backlinks for both parties.

2) Again, create an authority site, but build an email list or some sort of social following in order to build a community of people who love and follow your content. Then each time you share that content with them, they will mass like it and submit their comments to it, boosting the rankings of that content you produce much faster. 

The quality backlink in this method is the act of sharing your new content on social networks and through it driving your social traffic (that you created through your authority site) back to the new content you made.

The good news is, you can do both methods and they are almost entirely insured to ONLY bring in high quality traffic from the backlinks you produce, which as explained already brings in a number of VERY positive SEO benefits.

Why method 1 works:

1) No authority site is ever going to send your page traffic unless it too is an authority. I run multiple authority sites in different topics and regularly get requests to exchange content (quality backlinks) with other people who also run their own authority sites.

They see that I’m legit so they don’t mind sharing their traffic with me and in return, asking me to do the same thing.

2) People with similar topics in their authority sites sends relevant traffic to one another. That traffic is more likely to do the positive things I talked about on your site to help it’s rankings. Remember, it’s what the traffic does that determines the value of the backlink. The more positive things they do, the better the value.

3) Your authority can grow from this exchange if you can give the traffic coming into your site reason to read your content and further grow your reputation.

Why method 2 works:

1) When your site gets good, relevant traffic and even signs up to your newsletter or social media page, that shows they are already highly engaged with your work.

So they are more likely to do the same positive things in the future when you create new content and share it with them. They are more likely to travel back to your site again and again through the links you give them and act more positively to give that link more value.

2) With a highly engaged audience (your fans), comes comments, shares and all the positive attributes I mentioned. Imagine having a 1,000 fans click on a new post you made and let them know about.

A 1,000 of them come into the site (through the backlink), leave 100’s of comments (all of which are content) and give that page a huge SEO boost. Comments are also a highly beneficial way to gain better rankings.

2) This method can be repeated an unlimited amount of times.

Before method 1 and 2 can work, start with this:

Create an authority site.

You need to put in the time to create and grow this type of page to later on benefit from the perks of both methods. Here are some key points for creating an authority site:

authority site tips

Let me get deeper into these 5 tips and explain a few important points:

First, the better focused your blog is on a specific problem, the more engaged the audience is which comes into it. This makes it easier to engage with that audience and get them to follow your page.

Second, frequently blogging, especially when the site is new is a must. I suggested posts, but here is a good explanation on how frequently you should be doing it.

Third, the more content you create, plus the more engaged the audience is that reads it, makes it better for SEO and rankings in every way.

Fourth, the sandbox. An authority site doesn’t really get labeled as that until it is OUT of the sandbox, a several month long period where your rankings are held back by Google on purpose. To get out of it faster, read this article

One very important question and topic comes up with the sandbox and backlinks and that is, if you get high quality ones, will it speed up the rate at which your site gets out of the sandbox?

The answer is yes, but there’s still at least a 3-4 month lag for your site to get out of that sandbox, and it doesn’t matter it gets high quality backlinks or not, it still needs to wait out this period.

Fifth and final, the moment your site exists the sandbox is when the decent traffic numbers will start coming in (and snowballing into greater numbers). It is during this period that you should start to at least focus on method 2 and collect a portion of that traffic in an email list or at least a fan page on social media so that they can be used to help your site in the future.

How this 5 tips can work on a real website:

I have seen countless blogs operate with this approach and reach immense success in the process. By taking the time to grow into an authority site, then leveraging that authority to collect a fan base, they then use that fan base to boost their site’s SEO rankings consistently and become a viral blog in many cases.

This process itself makes the blog very popular, bringing it many offers from other similar sites to share content with one another (method 1) and bringing even more healthy, quality backlinks to it.

Notice how both these methods have NOTHING in common with buying toxic links or bribing people into sharing theirs with you (these are myths and bad ones). This is one of the most legit ways to get the best possible ones and experience some truly white hat and amazing SEO results from.

4 thoughts on “How to Get Quality Backlinks And Insane SEO Results From it.”

  1. Hi Vitaliy, 

    My website needs traffic so the information is quite useful. From what you described it is clear that I am ‘underblogging’. I am not publishing posts often enough and don’t usually reach 1,500 words. I have work to do!

    Could I update my posts to increase content? Or should I just do longer blogs going forward? Thank you for your help.

    • Oh you can absolutely go back and edit blog posts, adding more content to them and even changing the title if the rankings are bad for it JJ. As a guide, I wrote about 10 optimization tips you can use on these posts to make them perform better in the SERPS.

  2. Hi Vitaliy,

    I have to say this is definitely one of the best posts I’ve read about how to obtain quality (white hat) backlinks. I really enjoyed the part about stepping out of the Google sandbox. It rings so true when waiting to see some serious traffic coming to your website. 

    I am definitely going to implement the steps you suggested into my marketing strategy going forward.

    Thank you.


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